Daniel Adesoji

Senior Software Engineer

About Me

Results-driven software engineer with 5 years of experience designing and developing robust, scalable, and high-performance software applications. Proficient in multiple programming languages, including JavaScript, and Python. Skilled in full-stack development, agile methodologies, and collaborating cross-functionally to deliver innovative solutions.

Yoke Network

Yoke Network is a creative technology platform to grow Mobile Apps and E-commerce brands through short form User Generated Content (UGC). Established in 2018, Yoke ran their first TikTok campaigns in 2019. With a network of 4000+ creators across the US/UK, 10 million+ app installs driven and $10M+ spent on TikTok ads, Yoke are the premier experts in creator marketing and short form UGC style content. List of services includes: - End to End Performance Marketing and Optimisation - Creative Strategy - Video Editing - Localisation - TikTok Shop

Role: Fullstack Software Engineer

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AltSchool Africa

AltSchool Africa is a digital based learning platform. In 2022, AltSchool Africa raised $1 million pre-seed funding. In March 2022, Unity Bank partnered with AltSchool Africa to train female software engineers. As of September 2023, it announced it had 20000 students from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, and the United Kingdom were enrolled on the platform.

Role: Backend Instructor(NodeJs)


A fintech product that allows for a simple and secure way to send and receive money around the world. Instant payment to banks and mobile money wallets.

Role: Backend/Devops Engineer

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Andela is an American global job placement network for software developers. Andela focuses on sustainable careers, connecting technologists with long-term engagements, access to international roles, competitive compensation, and career coaching through the Andela Learning Community.

Role: Intern Software Engineer

Contact Me

Email: sojidaniels@gmail.com